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 Maine Farms

  • Sheep, goats, llama, alpaca, rabbit*

  • Some of the listings on the Maine Farms pages are very out-of-date. The plan is to update them in winter 2011- 2012.  The pages were began years ago as a list of Maine farms raising fiber animals. However, farms raising animals primarily for meat or dairy are also welcome to list. The lists originally appeared at Stone Brook. For now, they are being retained and updated in both locations. To change add, remove, or delete a listing, please email info@rockislandfarm.com
  • If you are submitting information, please try toinclude the information commonly found in the listings, and use roughly a similar format. Don't worry about the font. All the information commonly included is not required. For example, if you don't want your phone number or email listed, don't include it. Please note that usually only a brief listing of the type of livestock is included, rather than a list of your types of products.

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Photo from Stone Brook