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Rock Island Farm, Orono, Maine (near Bangor)


Rock Island Farm is a small family farm on 62 acres, located on Route 2 just north of Veazie and Bangor, and not far from Route 95.

We produce hay and a small amount of vegetables using sustainable practices. We also try to maintain some field as bird nesting habitat for bobolinks (off-site link).

Grass hay (square bales). Information will be posted here when 2015 hay is available. Also, we sometimes advertise on Craigs List.

We are a small operation and do the haying ourselves. Therefore, we cut and bale multiple times, rather than doing everything at once. Please check back, and feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Contact. or 866-0458. It is easiest to reach us by email in the summer.

Other places to get hay. See the Maine Hay Directory from UM Cooperative Extension for hay producers/sellers. Blue Seal Feeds & Needs in Bangor also usually has some hay.

Pre-sales. We prefer to sell hay after it is baled and stored. That way, we know the quality of the hay we are selling, and we don't risk promising something we can't deliver.

Fresh, local vegetables

There is a small, help-yourself farm stand along the road, and veggies are same-day fresh. Money goes in the blue can. We're open when the umbrella is open.

Please support your local farms (including the little ones).

The farm name -- Someone took great care years ago to clear the hayfield of rocks, leaving some piled in the middle of the field.  Shrubs grew over the pile, and the previous owner called this spot "Rock Island".

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